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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winco prices 2.26.10

FINALLY!!!  Yup, I finally got to go grocery shopping, so here it is.... Well, not everything but, some things, so you can see the price differences between where you normally shop, and Winco. And yes, prices change!!  Last time I was at Winco, 25# of oats was $9.99 but it went up $2 since then.. But the prices vary. When shopping at winco, you'd think the green tab is the lower price.. WATCH IT, not always true. We really do check cost per ounce.. and yes I am a HUGE penny pincher, so I really do this. Amazing how the 28-oz peanut butter was cheaper than the giant one.. odd, but it happens. You really have to watch prices, and take a calculator with you, we do. 

Braeburn Apples $0.78/#
Carrots 2-pound bag $0.98
Lettuce head $0.98
Garlic, Christopher ranch (about 10 heads) 1-pound  $1.98
Avocado, small $0.68 each
Onions, yellow $0.65/#
Bananas $0.58/#
D'anjou pears $0.98/#
Dole Classic Salad mixes (12-oz) $0.98
Yams $0.78/#
Sweet Potatoes $0.98/#
Red Potatoes 5-pound bag $1.98
Red Onions $0.68/#
Sweet Onions $0.68/#
Squashes $0.88 - 0.98/#
Leaf Lettuce, red or green $1.48 each
Broccoli crowns $0.78/#

Cascade Pride English Muffins (12-ct) $1.17

Bar S Bologna 12-oz  $0.88
Hillshire Farm Beef smoked sausage or kielbasa (14-oz) $2.98
Petite Sirloin $3.48/#
Beef brisket $2.98/#
Bottom Round Roast $2.28/#
Bacon End pieces (3-pounds or 48-oz) $3.98

Peppercorns $4.62/#
Allspice $5.24/#
Paprika $3.82/#
Cloves, ground $6.13/#
Italian Seasoning $4.35/#
Bay Leaves $4.00/#
Triticale berries $0.66/#
Dutch Baking Cocoa $2.82/#
Gluten Flour $2.41/#
Quinoa, organic $3.82/#
Millet $0.43/#
Flax seed, red $0.56/#
Flax seed, golden $0.98/#
Oats, regular or quick (25#) $11.99

SAF yeast (16-oz) $3.09
Gold Medal Flour all-purpose (10 #) $3.98
Niko Niko Calrose Rice (5#) $5.64  (10#) $11.95
Jasmine Rice (5#) $4.48
Homai Calrose Rice (5#) $3.92  (10#) $7.95  (20#) $14.70
Hytop Long Grain rice (20#) $7.48
Crescent Mapleline $2.88
Sunmaid Raisins (2-lb) $4.48
Ocean Spray craisins (12-oz) $2.98
Mauruchen Instant Lunch (like cup o'noodles) $0.33
Mauruchen Ramen $0.33
Ragu' Pasta Sauce (select varieties) (26-oz) $1.48
Hunt's Pasta Sauce (26.5-oz) $0.98
Rosarita refried beans (16-oz) $0.88
Nalley's Chili (15-oz) $0.88

PERO (7-oz) $6.83
JiF creamy (28-oz) $2.98
Adams creamy (26-oz) $3.84
Crisco shortening (6 #) $9.57
Lard (4#) $5.25
Farman's Genuine Dill Pickles (46-oz) $4.19
Jell-O (3-oz) $0.78  (6-oz) $1.23
Jell-O Pudding (3.4-oz) $0.94  (5.1-oz) $1.23
Hytop gelatin flavors (3-oz) $0.40
Hytop pudding (3.4-oz) $0.47
Kraft Mac & cheese (small box) $0.68
Malt O Meal Sugar coated Shredded wheat GIANT SIZE (50-oz)  $2.98  (holy cow!!! AWESOME)

Tillamook Cheese 2-pound: cheddar, colby jack, pepper jack & mozzarella $5.98
Frigo Mozzarella (1-pound) $4.87
Precious Mozzarella (1-pound) $3.48
Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8-oz brick) $1.48
Eggs, dozen $1.35
Nancy's yogurt (32-oz)  $2.59
Daisy Sour Cream (16-oz)  $1.98
Tillamook Sour Cream (16-oz) $1.38
Home Cottage cheese (pink and white package) $1.98

MD Toilet Paper (12-ct) $4.78
Fels Naptha Bar $1.06
Borax (skinny box) $3.49
Arm & Hammer Washing soda $2.67
Cutrite Wax Paper $1.32

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