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Monday, February 15, 2010

Catch up from January and half of February

Hi this is info minus the sales info as they are now expired.  I'll start from the first email. :)  Lot's of info!!  Lisa
1.20 - 1.26.10
Hello All,
I am sorry I am late with this. This is just to inform you of some good deals at stores around us. I am late due to sick kids, sorry. Hopefully next weeks email will be better :)
 Not everyone knows of the prices of things at all stores, but I will do my best ;) I do not get to all the stores EVERY week. And I only go to Safeway, QFC, Albertson's and Fred Meyer if there is something that is a really good deal. Otherwise I mostly stick to Costco, Winco and DK.
This is not for you to run out and buy things you don't need, use, or eat. This is to inform you of things so you can choose what you may want to pick up during an errand or during normal shopping. The last 2 weeks saw some excellent prices on chicken at QFC, but not this week.. bummer.
Seed Catalogues:  Now is the time to order your free seed catalogues online. Many are already arriving in mailboxes. We tend to privilege Territorial Seed Company, Raintree Nursery, Shumways, Jung, and Johnny’s Seeds because they have seeds that work in our area.

I will eventually also be letting you know of prices for good deals at these stores:

Albertsons (there is one in Eastgate and also in Fairwood)
Champion Grocer (in the warehouses by the Park and Ride)
Costco  (I only go in once or twice a month, but somethings are cheaper here. sometimes.)

DK Market (behind walmart in renton)
Dollar Tree (Covington)  Where EVERYTHING is a dollar :)
Fred Meyer (they're sales are from Sundays through the next Saturday, so it throws me off sometimes. I will try to get FM sales out to you by Monday!)

Winco (usually they beat all the ads for albertsons, safeway, QFC and any other competition, even if only by a penny).

Champion Grocer:
This is where I get a lot of my grains. Jim will give you a quote on anything he can get in.

Rice Dream $16/case
whole chickens

Dollar Tree:
Dial Basics hypoallergenic soap 3 pack
Pear's Natural transparent soap
foil pans in 2 and 3 packs
canned goods
dial gold 2 pack
Trim fingernail clippers with emery boards
Trim toe nail clippers
Comet 25oz.
Rubbermaid take alongs 2-count
toothbrushes (assorted)

1.24 - 1.30.10

Good Sabbath to you all!  Today is the day Fred Meyer ads come out. Also I wanted to share some of our favorite things to eat using our food storage. I also have some food prices for costco, but I will be putting that into a word document and sending it out, and I will update prices I hope monthly. Also, I hope to soon also have Winco prices for you, as they do not do sales, they just try to price things lower than the competition. There are some good prices this time from Freddies !! 

Also, if you look in our ward cookbook that the Giffords help make, you will find some of my recipes. But one we use VERY often is the Oatmeal Muffin recipe (not sure if it is under my or Shari's name) but we use this ALOT.  It is a favorite. The flavor is soft and the crumb is delicate.
ALSO, I am working on possibly doing a Pressure Cooker Class, problem is,I don't want to use the church as their stoves haven't been very reliable for me. I will talk with Russ and see when I can do it here. When I do the classes, they will be small, most likely 4 to 8 people. Why? Space. I have a small house. I think my canners are bigger than the bedrooms! I will also be doing a simple water bath class too. Canning is fun for me. I love it.  I also love how I can control what is going into my food .  IF there is an interest for either of these canner classes please email me to let me know. There will most likely be a small fee as you take home some of what we can.
I am also planning a food dehydration class. Simple things the first time like apples and pears. Maybe fruit leather, although I don't like to make it and my kids won't eat it.  But again, I need to know that there is an interest.  I might talk to my mom and see if she will help me if there is an interest in fruit leather as hers is amazing and the only one we all like :)

What to add to your storage this week??   SOAP.... the soap you use to wash your body. IF you can get a 3 month supply that is great.. IF you can afford to get a 6 month to 12 month supply AWESOME!!  For my family of 9, we use only 3 bars a month! So I go to Dollar Tree in Covington and I stock up on our body soaps there. I can get a year supply for between 12 to 18 dollars, I can only use certain soaps because of allergies, so this is not bad.  Also, Costco carries large packs of bar soap.  I will get those prices to you in the next day or two.

1.27 - 2.2.10

Well Hello!! I have been trying ALL day to get this written. For some reason life came up and I didn't get to the computer. Well, it's ok, the bread is yummy and the rice pudding wonderful!  Have a few things here to show you from a couple stores, some recipes, and some thoughts.  OH so you know, all the recipes I share are tried and true. If I don't like them or Devon doesn't like them, we don't share them. I have very picky kids and I'll tell you, these are good recipes! Although I understand everyone has different tastes, and I do use some things that weren't common a few years ago (quinoa, pronounced  keen- wha .. and millet, yup the stuff they put in the bird cages.. both of these are SUPER high in protein).  We use our food storage daily, as we eat what we store. Out of my food storage this week we have used: 1 jar homecanned turkey, 1 jar spaghetti sauce, 2 pounds spaghetti noodles, 2 cups potato pearls, 1 jar apple butter, 2 jars strawberry jam, 18 pounds of hard white wheat, 3 pounds granulated sugar, 2 pounds brown sugar, 1/4 cup salt, 4 bouillon cubes, 2 pints home canned applesauce, 10 pounds all-purpose flour, 13 pounds oatmeal, 3 pounds calrose rice, 1 LARGE jar JIF (from costco), 1 cup shortening, 1/2 gallon canola oil, 4 pounds butter, 3 pounds chocolate chips, 3 TBS cinnamon, 1 TBS nutmeg, 1 TBS quinoa powder, 2 pieces crystallized ginger, 2 cans refried beans, 2 pounds cheddar, 2 pounds chicken breast, 5 TBS yeast, 2 quarts rice milk, 5 herbal tea bags, 1 cup hot cocoa mix..  It isn't hard to do. 

Save money when you grocery shop, meal plan and make a list!


I sent out a separate email for some of the deals there. Also had hours listed on it.


Rice Dream $16/case
Whole chicken (raw, 2 pack) $0.99 /#
Country-style pork ribs $1.99 /#
Kirkland BUTTER $6.85 / four pounds ($1.71/#)
Tillamook Cheddar  2.5 pound loaf $6.59     OR   5 pound loaf $11.69
Mozzarella 2-pound brick $4.69
String cheese  (60 oz  or 3.75 pounds)  $10.39
American Cheese $10.49
Vanilla (I think, I forgot) $6 or about.. for 16 ounces!!! gluten free!!
Red Star Yeast (2 lb.) $3 or $4

Dollar Tree:

Dial Basics hypoallergenic soap 3 pack
Pear's Natural transparent soap
foil pans in 2 and 3 packs
canned goods
dial gold 2 pack
Trim fingernail clippers with emery boards
Trim toe nail clippers
Comet 25oz.
Rubbermaid take alongs 2-count
toothbrushes (assorted)


25# bag oatmeal (regular or quick) $10

 I'm sorry I haven't gotten the Costco price list done yet. Or the one for Winco.  I will tell you though that Winco and DK market beat the pants off Albertson's, Fred Meyer, Safeway (SFWY) and QFC in produce prices. Not sure if they will beat Freddie's navel orange price though, and boy are they sweet!!  We bought 21 pounds.. yes that is correct!! and we will be getting more before the week is over. They are so juicy and sweet you don't want to stop with just eating one! 

TIPS: Organize your pantry by dates. Farthest date out is the farthest date back in the pantry.. If something is dated for  April 2010, something else March 2010.. obviously you should use the march one first so put it in front of the april one.  ALSO, I know you have heard this before, but if you don't use the food item, even if it's a good deal don't buy it; It will just be wasted and all you did was waste money. Don't buy it if you don't like it, won't use it, never eat it.  Store what you eat and eat when you store. Do you store grains? Do you have a grain mill?  No reason to store a grain you won't use with out the proper tools!   By the way, do you  have a good can opener? Bottle opener? vegetable peeler? It's always canning season at our house, BUT I know I need 5 new vegetable peelers (yes 5 actually closer to 8 or 9, one for each kitchen helper). I love my can opener, it's a Swing-A-Way.. BEST one on the market, they carry them at Target, they used to have 2 sizes available but I'm not sure if that is still the case. I have 2 and need another (I'm sure one will be disappearing soon to the camping gear).

Food storage item for this week:   BEANS that you and your family enjoy.  split pea, garbanzo, adzuki, kidney, black, white, lentils.. Whether is it dry, canned or even powdered.. some great deals from some stores on canned beans right now. Don't know where to get something in bulk, email me. Pretty sure I have an idea.

IF you have any questions on where to get something, how to use a food item, how to bake, need a recipe, how to store, how to shop, how to make a meal plan etc.. anything please send me an email!   Preparedness is not just food!!  It's also clothing, communication (networking and friendships), travel, heat source, cooking sources, water, consumables (soaps, toilet paper, lotions)... Don't be afraid to ask, no such things as a dumb question. If I don't know, I will try to find out for you.   Thank you!! Have a great few days!

 Please forgive mistakes, it's late :)

1.31 - 2.6-10
Hello Everyone and Good Sabbath to you.
Freddies is letting me down this week. Not much going on there. QFC has them beat with a couple things, but I will let you know the best price for this store, previous emails for other stores, and you can decide where to go. Remember, do not make a special trip to the store to get a sale item, this is a waste of your time and gas! (time and gas = money). 
Also, I stopped into Champion this week, and goodness, I almost cried!  They had Kettle Chips Sour cream and onion for $1.00 per bag!  AND my favorite Montana Mills Prairie Gold (hard spring WHITE wheat) for only $26.50 per bag! He also had Montana Mills Chief Bronze for the same price (this is the wheat I use for bread).
For those of you who have not been to this store, let me forewarn you, this is a "Mom 'n' Pop" type operation. Nothing they carry needs refrigeration. Bulk items available!  Jim, and his mom run this store and it has been in Issaquah near 10 years or more!  And before that they were in Factoria. Jim is AWESOME!! (He was in an accident a few years ago and broke his jaw, he had to relearn to talk. So it seems like he isn't moving his mouth much to talk, well, because he isn't. BUT this man is truly a go getter!) I have been ordering my wheat from him for 3 years now. Remember I said mom and pop store, well, they remember you. AND they carry your groceries out to your car and put them in your car for you! It feels like a nice lil old town store. I love them. I will list some of the things they carry in this email as well, not with prices though, sorry I don't have a current list of prices, but Jim will get it for me no problem.
OH, by the way, did you fix your pantry ???  hmmmmm, I have been busy since Friday rearranging my kitchen. Jaslyn and I were a bit naive thinking we could start this at 8:30 am and be done by 2pm. We were going to get everything rearranged, then sweep and mop before anyone got home from school.... guess what?  By 3pm, we were done, but the project wasn't. Of course, I decided to go through EVERY cupboard and clean it out, and move things to other places and get rid of things I don't ever use, or haven't used. Didn't get rid of much. Why did I do this? Because I wasn't sure what I had anymore in my cupboards. Spices, sugars, condiments, herbs.. no idea. Infact, while cleaning one cupboard I found a jar of cloves that I knew I had but couldn't find when I was looking for them. I also found 3 jars of minced onions, 3 jars of garlic powder, 2 jars of onion powder, one jar of rubbed sage, celery seed (hurrah for coleslaw!), the last of my peppercorns (UH OH), 3 jars of wheat (yes, I ran out of white buckets so I used my canning jars) and some crystallized ginger. I also found a bag full of cinnamon to put into my large jar. Does this make sense to you? Probly not, unless you knew that I buy ALL of my herbs and spices in BULK at Winco or Champion.  I go through a lot of spices because I cook almost everything from scratch.
Ok.. I guess I should stop rambling. I have been rather busy in  my kitchen the last few days, and I am currently enjoying the wonderful smell of fresh granola (currently cooling) which is a surprise breakfast treat for the kids. OH, word of warning about Costco or Kirkland brand mac and cheese.. just don't buy it, turn away, run away, hide from it.. NASTY NASTY NASTINESS.. Thought we'd give it a try.. I gagged, Evelyn gagged, Denver gagged.. it went back the next day!
Sometimes buying at Costco is NOT a good deal, so keep an eye on that. Just because it's bulk doesn't make it a deal, remember grocery stores will sometimes have sales on Campbells and you can get them from $0.40 to $1.00 per can.. Just keep an eye out. I don't use campbell's as it is bad for Jaslyn, but Russ has it for when he is on his own for lunch. Or when I am sick in bed (quite often, but he only uses it for himself). Also, the garlic, onions and potatoes can sometimes be good prices, if you can't eat that much, see if someone will split a bag with you, or a couple of couples. You never know who else can not eat 20# of spuds! or 3# of garlic 

REMEMBER, Fred Meyer and Walmart sales are from Sun to Sat. Everyone else is Wed to Tues. Kind of a pain in the neck. SO, if you want that good whole chicken from QFC that was only $0.88/ pound, you have until midnight on Tuesday! Also just because it says 10/$10 at safeway (SFWY) doesn't mean you have to buy 10. Although if it is something you will eat, check the dates when you are buying it, will you use that much or more in a year or before the expiration date?? Think yearly, not weekly or monthly. IF we ate tuna, 10 cans would be good for 5 to 10 months for us. But we don't, we can and eat our own chicken :)  What about other conveniences?? Spices? IF you are looking to save money, sometimes making things from scratch is cheaper than buying convenience foods.

What is that? It is kind of like a farm co-op. You pay a monthly fee, and you can get 1 to 4 boxes of farm fresh produce either you pick up in town or have delivered right to your door!  GREAT STUFF.. here is the link to check it out. It is a little expensive sometimes, but it is the same great stuff you can get at the farmer's market. I have used this farm and love what they grow. And you can tell them what things you might not want like brussel sprouts or apples and what not. I ask only for stuff they grow on their farm. I love their beets and salad mixes. I am only offering this as many people don't know about it. You can call them with any questions. Or you can wait until the farmer's markets start up and check them out. They are at the Pickering Barn Parking  with other farm vendors (during Farmer's market which isn't yet). Their farm is in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Kettle Chips (sour cream and onion) $1.00 each  (until supplies last)
Breakfast cookies (assorted flavors) 4/$1.00  (until supplies last)
Hard Red Spring Wheat (for bread)
Soft white wheat (cookies, muffins, no yeast things, also used for pastry flour)
Hard White Wheat (breads)
Split peas
Garbanzo beans (DRY)
Canned goods
BULK items (from 3/4 pound to 50 pounds!)
baby items
pet foods (occasionally)
flaked grains (triticale, barley, rye, oats, wheats)
baking supplies
nuts (roasted, salted, raw)
dried fruits
fruit logs


ground turkey $2.29/#
butter (kirkland, in the BOX so you get 4 cubes per box, and 4 boxes per pkg)  $6.85 for 4 pounds (only $1.71/#)
Rice Dream $16/case
Bananas $1.32/ 3 pounds
Sweet onions 5#/ $5
Tillamook Cheddar two and half pounds $6.59  and five pounds $11.69
Mozzarella two pound loaf $4.69
Garlic 3#/ 5$
EGGS: 24 ct = $2.99 ($1.50 doz.) OR 5 doz (60 ct) $6.59 ($1.32 doz) 
Vanilla $6.49 (16 fl. oz)
Campbells: chicken $6.49 (12 cans); tomato $9.99 (12 cans); cream of mushroom $9.99 (12 cans)
Kraft Parmesan $ 9.75 (16 oz)
JIF creamy PB $7.99 / (2) 48 oz.
Adams crunchy PB $6.99 / 80 oz
Mission Flour Tortillas $4.99 / 40ct (burrito size)
Evaporated milk $10.89/ 12 cans (12 fl. oz) = $0.91 each

What to add to your storage this week??? TOOTHPASTE.. ya know how aggravating it is to wake up to brush your teeth and the tube has been squeezed dry by one of your seminary students??!!!  grrr, and then they didn't replace it.... oh wait, my fault I didn't have any in stock. Watch for sales, but I know for a fact Dollar tree has some and it is only $1.00/tube.  Not the largest tube on the block, but it isn't the trial size. We have found that the large tubes are too hard to handle for littles and I don't like how big they are. take up too much room .. and they get really messy. But usually the price per ounce is still a good buy at Dollar Tree.

OOPS, again it's late.. why?? I have no idea. But please forgive spelling mistakes.. have a good couple of days!

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