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Monday, February 22, 2010


Instead of ruining copyright stuff.. I will just tell ya where we found a recipe for Bagels and made them. :)  We made ours with the whole wheat recipe provided by the Better Homes and gardens cookbook (we call it the checkerboard cookbook) as it is red and white plaid.  It's in the breads section, and well, we won't ever buy bagels again! super easy!  BUT instead of having one batch making 12 we use it to make 8 otherwise they were small. ANY BHG cookbook should have the recipe as it has been in there since the 70's. Here are some pics:

bagels rising

bagels broiling on the first side

boiling bagels on the first side

bagels draining after boiling for 7 minutes

bagels after baking

Now because bagels do NOT have fat in them, it's a good idea to use them with in a day or so.  They were very yummy and I used our first batch this morning to make bread pudding, yumm!!  My first time making bagels I made 5 batches!!  Kids had the first 2 for lunch!.. the second 2 for dinner and the last batch was used for bread pudding.   These really are easy, and my kids LOVE them!

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