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Monday, February 22, 2010

Fred Meyer 2.21 - 2.27.10

Good Monday to you all!  I hope you all had a wonderful Sabbath. We had a wonderful potluck with my family yesterday after church, and enjoyed celebrating our birthdays. Good food, good company, good fun. 

While writing this up, I can't help but apologize for not posting prices for comfort foods. I know during hard times sometimes that bag of chips, can of rootbeer, or even a cake mix can really make the difference. Now because of several allergies I do not stock a lot of things, but if you find a good price on something, please pick it up IF it is something your family will eat. Also, I don't buy a lot of  processed foods due to allergies, but also because when we were eating them we noticed our health went down hill, rather quickly. So no, we do not buy cold cereal, first off it is very expensive, second full of corn and preservatives and third, it makes my family very sick very fast. We do eat a lot of farm eggs, pancakes (whole grain.. that's a whole other article), waffles, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and more.. Comfort food for me usually comes right from my food storage in the form of Split pea soup!  Such an easy thing to make. OR oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (again, from food storage).. Basically any food you buy and put unto your freezer or cupboards or pantry  is food storage. 

Remember to make sure to make a menu planner, then make your grocery list from this. Then you will shop more wisely, spend less money, and eat better. It is such a relief for us to be able to look at the calendar and know that dinner is already planned. 

Fred Meyer:
Foster Farms whole fryers $0.79/#  FIRST 3
Fred Meyer canned veggies  2/$1.00  FIRST 8
Beef loin petite sirloin steaks $2.99/#  
Pork ribs (bone-in) $1.99/#

Vitamin D, 1%, 2% or Non Fat Milk. Participating items include ALL: * Kellogg's cereal * Kellogg's bars (Nutri*Grain, Special K or Fiber Plus) * Keebler cookies (Sandies, Chips Deluxe or Fudge Shoppe) * Keebler crackers (Club or Town House) * Cheez-It crackers * Rice Krispies Treats
when you buy 4 Kellogg's or Keebler participating items Your First 2 * With This Coupon Additional at Everyday Low Price Customer: Limit one coupon per purchase. Valid for in-store purchases only. Valid Sunday, February 21 through Saturday, February 27, 2010.

What to add to your storage this week???  Candles and Matches... Light is so important. It lifts the mood, quiets frightened littles when the power is out, and is a source of comfort. I know ikea has these packages of unscented tea lights in a hundred pack. We get those as it makes it easier for kids to have in the bathroom, also you can get tea light holders that look like little lanterns.  Michael's is having a sale on the big scented kind as well. I get my matches at Wal-mart. They come in a three pack of quite a few. Usually found in the kitchen section. 

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