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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Solo Survival in a Societal Collapse??

Please check out this article.  Please remember not to share with everyone how much food storage you have, where you store your guns, ammo etc.. opportune people will take what they want or need in rough times. Know who you can trust, and KNOW that most likely it's a small number.

Scary but TRUE!!!  I have a friend who saw this happen during the power outage two years ago. The roads were closed to due rivers over the roadways.  People were walking around outside, they didn't know what to do. There were several fights.. Many didn't have enough food in their houses for a month, let alone the week they were with out power, with out the ability to get to town. It was scary.

People don't think they will ever want.. the grocery is just down the road a little.... WAKE UP!!
Don't for one minute think you are safe. If you have anything someone else wants, they will come to get it, and use force to get it.


  1. Lisa--this blog is great! You are giving great info out! I will definately be spending more time on it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
    Michelle K.