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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sales 2.17 - 2.23.10

Hello All,

As you might see I have added info, recipes, and links. Please check them out!!

I have a friend whose husband's cholesterol was too high.. I believe in the 270's, his doctor put him on fish oil and 2 months later it was down to 154 !!  So here is the brand she used, it's good for you, and worth the chance!  Nature's Bounty Odorless Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg (take 2 daily).. I have been on Cod liver oil for a year for other reasons, so I wonder what my cholesterol level is.

I am working on a couple of recipes right now. The granola bars I made today the kids liked, but I didn't. I have posted quite a few recipes on the site so please check them out.

Please remember these prices are with the card or your phone number :)  IF coupon is required I'll let you know. Looks like SFWY wins with the deals this time. Wow.

Country style pork shoulder ribs $0.99/#
Albertson's whole fryer, drums or thighs $0.99/#
Russet Potatoes 10-pound bag $0.99

   Betty Crocker cake or traditional brownie mix
   Alberston's brand cream cheese (8-oz)
   Albertson's brand refried beans (16-oz)
   Albertson's brand dried beans (16-oz)
   Albertson's brand half & half (16-oz)
   Albertson's taco shells (12-ct.)

COUPON:  Yoplait light or thick yogurt $0.39  LIMIT 12

ALL NATURAL Draper Valley Whole Fryer $0.69/#
Farmland Natural Pork Shoulder Roast  (bone-in) $0.99/#
Certified Angus Beef Flank Steak $3.99/#
Natural Certified Angus Beef shoulder roast $3.49/#
Zacky Farms Frozen turkey breast (bone-in) $0.99/#
Kroger canned veggies (14.25 - 15.25-oz) 3/$1.00
Starkist SOLID white tuna (5-oz) 10/$10.00
Yoplait yogurt (4 - 6-oz) 10/$5.00
MD bath tissue (12 DBL roll; 24 single) OR paper towels (8-ct) $4.99
Quaker products (6.32 - 32- oz) select varieties $1.50 EACH   MUST buy 10
TRESemme shampoo, conditioner or styling products (7 - 32- oz) select varieties $3.49
onions or carrots $0.49/#

Foster Farms whole fresh chicken $0.79/#
Alaskan Cod fillets $3.99/#
Campbell's chicken noodle or tomato soups (10.75-oz) 2/$1.00
Pasta or Rice-a-roni $0.75 EACH MUST buy 4
Bakery fresh donuts (dozen) $3.99
Crest or Colgate toothepaste (4.6 - 6.4-oz) or toothbrush (1-ct) $0.99 each
Bumble Bee SOLID white tuna (5-oz) 10/$10.00

What to add to your food storage this week???  Condiments, you know, pickles, mustards, catsup, relishes,   salsas, hot sauces, soys sauce, dressings, etc... You decide to have a BBQ, and go to set the table only to find out you are out of mustard and pickles!  It's too late to go to the store... Condiments really add a wonderful home taste to foods. One thing that can make a miserable time of using food storage better is being able to add flavor to your foods, but to add flavors you are used to.  So take a look in your storage, what are you getting low on, or out of?  Add it to your grocery list, and not just what you need, try to double what you need.. In our house there can never be too much catsup. 

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