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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blue Chip Group/Augason Farms Close Out sale!

IF you live in Utah, you are in luck, or if you are visiting. Blue Chip Group, now Augason Farms is having a close out sale to get rid of the old label. One of the awesome deals is Red Feather canned butter. This butter is amazing, and is good for 15 years!! So worth the sale price! They have quite a few things on sale, red wheat, oats, morning moos, spiff-y whip, potato stuff, dry cream of soups,  etc..  So if you are in Utah or going to be VERY soon, stop by Augason Farms in SLC. Get some stuff for you food storage for great prices :)

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  1. Thank you for stopping in over at my blog. It is always a great pleasure to hear from fellow bloggers and readers. I hope you are enjoying my new " Adventures with The Unusual Farm Chick" video series. It still has some hiccups when doing the editing and of course I am not a proffesional. I guess it is fitting with my Unusual name. :)
    I am not one for sitting still. I am a traveler, not happy in one place for too long. There is just so much to see, experience and enjoy out in this world of ours. Homesteaders are the perfect meet ups since they have that down home warmth and prefer hugs over shaking hands. Nothing like a bear hug the first time you meet a person. Instant acceptance from great folks.