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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Which pressure canner should I get???

IF you don't already have a pressure canner, but want one, but not sure which one to get.. Prices vary from $60 to $1000 !!!  That's a huge price difference!  So, my first pressure canner is a 16-qt Presto.. a week later I bought the 25-qt All-American... the difference? Size, how much it holds, how long they take to bring pressure down.. If you didn't know this already, I will tell you, you don't need a pressure canner and a water bath canner !!!  You only NEED the Pressure Canner!!! Why? Because you can use it to water bath can in! How great is that?

Either way, they are both good quality. Here are the differences.. 

Presto 16-Qt. :
Presto 16 Qt. Pressure Canner

Rubber gasket
Twist lock on lid
Weighted canner (ONLY)
Rubber OVER pressure plug
One canning rack
Made in China
Usually cools (de-pressurizes) with-in 3 hours
Light weight
HOLDS: 7 quart jars, 10 pint jars, 12 half-pint jars

All-American 25-qt:
Canning Equipment 

Metal to metal )NO gasket
Lid twists on, then has 6 screw locks, opposite sides need to be tighted at same time
Weighted and Dial guage canner (we use the weight, we don't rely on the dial)
Rubber OVER pressure plug
Two canning racks
Usually de-pressurizes in 4 to 12 hours!
Heavy (it's a tank!!!)
HOLDS: 7 quart jars, 19 pint jars, 7 quart jars AND 6 to 9 half-pint jars

Which one do I prefer?? Depends on how big of a canning session I am having. Tuesday and Wednesday I canned 9 chickens, and stock from the bones and skin.. I used BOTH canners. I got 17 pints in the AA, and 10 pints in the presto. On Wedensday, I got 7 quarts of broth canned in each canner. 
I prefer the Presto if I am pressed for time, as it cools faster.. But I prefer the AA for quantity!!  Both work GREAT!!  Honestly if anything I think I would buy a second Presto before buying another AA.. Why did I buy the AA??????  
Because.. Because the AA doesn't use a rubber gasket that needs to be replaced every year or two (depends on use). Because it's cool looking, and I was told it was the best to get. Heck as long as the thing gets to pressure, holds the pressure, and does it's job very very well, you don't need to take out a loan for one of these!  What I don't like about the AA is that when I am water bath canning, I can only fit in one layer of jars, no matter what size. Sooo... 

Get a Presto, it is more budget friendly. Watch Wal-mart (23-qt)  and Fred Meyer, they have sales and sometimes you can get the Presto for under $75 !!  Also look on Amazon.  You never know.. especially with free shipping :)  Also, watch the clearance aisles at Wal-mart and Fred Meyers for them.  I have found stuff cheaper at the Wal-mart store than at their online store.. so you know. 
I got my AA from the  place with the best price for it at the time.  Sometimes I regret the high cost purchase, but when I see it in it's chromed steamy work state, I get all hot and sweaty (from working to fill it!! ) and I love it. But honestly, no way in the world I would pack that in my handcart!  I'll take my cast iron, besides, glass jars break.. :)   

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