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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yes I have started a quilt? Why? I have no idea! But I found a quilt while looking through some blogs. It was a quilt along over here at Crazymomquilts . It is super cute.. So here are some of my squares so you can see them. NO I have not finished the top as of yet. BUT I don't have much time to do so as I am starting another quilt along with some friends from another blog!!  How fun!  I am excited.  I have really enjoyed working on these blocks. Sorry for the bad lighting on some, the color is really pretty as you see in the first 3 pics, those were taken with my phone, my camera on the other hand likes to use a flash, and it just deadens the fabric.
I learned what a set square was, to press seams together not open, what a sashing is, how to pick something apart on almost EVERY star block and 2 set blocks, and that my camera takes unflattering pics in my bedroom/sewing room and that better pics can be had in the hallway.
I will post the final quilt when I finish, I will most likely just add the pics to this post.. not sure though as it is going to be so pretty it will deserve it's own separate post.

  So here is the set block:
Here is Star 1 :

Star 2:

Star 3 Ohio Star:

Star 4 Sarah's Choice:   These are the same quilt block, top one taken with my  phone and the bottom one with my camera :(  You can also see a little bit of sashing already on some of these.. 

Star 5: 

Star 6 Aunt Addies Album: sashing on bottom

Star 7 Star of Hope: 

Star 8 Maple Star:  

Star 9 Optical Saw Tooth: 

Star 10 Martha Washington: 

Star 11 Amish Star: 

Star 12 Indian Star: 

Star 13: 

And finally the finished quilt. Yes the baby girl loved it!

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