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"Usually the Lord gives us the overall objectives to be accomplished and some guidelines to follow, but he expects us to work out most of the details and methods." -Ezra Taft Benson-

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Preparing on a Shoestring Budget

I am not financially rich. My blessings have come in other ways. That said, we still need to be prepared for as much as possible. I am going to share 5 links with great info about getting prepared.

The BEGINNING to the parts
Read this one first as a ice breaker :)
Part 1: FOOD
Food is VITAL.. So yes, we need to have it. Canned food is great as it keeps well. Remember rotation is key!  Where's your sharpie?
Part 2: WATER
Water .. well, life doesn't exist with out it!  I don't like warm water. I don't like city water. I like fresh cold well water. BUT, in hard times, that water might not be so safe...bleach is a great way to sanitize water, so is boiling it, distilling it, or those nasty tablets..
I remember back in 6th grade, we went to Camp Seabeck. We had to have a bandaid container (they used to be metal) and in it have 4 large rubberbands, electrical tape, a black garbage bag, and 4 feet of twine.  It was a tight fit. Not very many kids made good shelters, I did, as I used part of a fallen tree..Anything can be shelter, but you have to really think like McGyver.
Not just some bandaids!!  Medicines, wraps, needles, scissors, gauze, medical tape, suture kits.. No I am not kidding.. burn meds, alcohol, peroxide, betadine, iodine... and more!  One time when camping, we were at a lake, and a girl jumped in off the dock, she went deep and cut her foot badly on something on the bottom. Baby #3 was only 2 months old, but I ran the mile to my truck got my first aid kit and came back. I didn't have peroxide (I didn't know as much then). Another lady had peroxide in a little tiny spray bottle, it was perfect, nothing had to touch the peroxide bottle to be applied, and it could be applied so gently.  The poor girl ended up having to go to the hospital and getting 10 stitches or more!  Plus a tetanus shot, but she didn't get infected!
Not just washing your hands. But bathing, cleaning your dwelling (even if it is a cave or tent), laundry, dishes, etc... Plus necessities. In the pioneer times, the bathroom, or outhouse was called the "necessary" AND rightly so!!!  It is necessary to have a place to do the duty and have it done in a clean fashion. Camping once, my dad dug a hole, then he placed a toilet seat over it. I am not kidding, and it had a lid too and we were to shut the lid when not in use so no body stepped into the hole. Before leaving our camping spot, he would fill the hole in.  Hey it worked, and it was a deep hole too 4 or 5 feet!  But only as big around as the hole on the toilet seat. I believe the toilet seat was attached to a large pipe or a bottomless bucket.

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