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Friday, March 5, 2010

Canning Meat

I love to can. No let me rephrase that.. I LOVE TO CAN!!!  No kidding. I love knowing what I am eating, and I love knowing what is in that pretty jar. What do I can??? Just about everything. Not mixed up, but ingredients like beans, chicken, beef, chili, and more.. oh these are pressure canned (PC).
Water bath (WB) canning is for fruit, some tomatoes, jams and jellies.  Everything else has to be pressure canned. I LOVE my canners. If you are going to can, I suggest investing in a pressure canner, as you can use it for water bath canning too, but a water bath can NOT be used for pressure canning.
Open Kettle canning is NOT recommended by anyone... Just not safe.
Oven canning is also not safe!
So check out this link. This sister is awesome.. she does so much, she is amazing. Anyway, here is a link she did on canning some meat.
Bottled Meat
So check that out :)

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