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Thursday, November 7, 2019

November and December Challenge: Week 2 Nov 8 - 14

This one is a little early, but something has come up.

Last week's was hard for me. I looked and looked, but could not find a canned soup that would be safe fore me to eat. So I will have to make some soup and can it myself. Hopefully get that done this next week. These are only suggestions, again only buy what your family will eat.

BY #8: Canned Potatoes (usually these are called new or baby potatoes)
BY #9: Beef Tamales (we won't do this, but will do canned hamburger instead)
BY #10: Bean Soup
BY #11: Mandarin Oranges (yum, these are great in salad and smoothies)
BY #12: Chicken Vienna Sausages (kids like these, we have added them to spaghetti sauce mashed up)
BY #13: Salisbury Steak Soup (do not add water)
BY #14: Green Beans (cut? french? wax?)

I have used the canned potatoes in stew. I haven't had canned tamales in years (corn allergy). My dad LOVES bean soup from a can.

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