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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Here comes the ... RAIN!!!!

My goodness, the rain was coming down so hard earlier that hubby and one of my kids were digging trenches for the water so it wouldn't fill my garage. Then they made sure all the down spouts were not blocked, and dug a new trench for the sump pump, so if there is water under the house it has someplace to go.

LOTS of rain!! We couldn't see the street from the house, and it isn't even very far away. You were soaked instantly if you stepped out into it. IT was super LOUD! Like a rock concert. Insane is what it is. And guess what???? MORE IS COMING!!

The last deluge also brought wind. Lovely... not. Our power has been going out and coming back on all day. The loud "bangs" that sound like a shotgun are the transformers blowing. So we started the first fire of the year. Just in case the power goes out and doesn't come back. We don't want to try to start a fire while the wind is blowing, and we are freezing.

And so starts AUTUMN..moldy leaves, rain, rain, wind and more rain..

ON a good note, we saw salmon in our river!!! First time in 3 years! NO the hatchery did not take the dam down like they said they would. Why? Because they are .. well I can't say, there is a baby in the room. They said the dam would be down before the spawning season. I guess they forgot that is September.
BUT we did count 6 salmon! That is more than we have seen in years!  Unfortunately, NOT ENOUGH!  We stopped by the hatchery and the dam is holding back hundreds of fish.

Ok, I'm off to check the trenches..

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  1. Hello! How exciting to see fish in the river. I hope there will be many more soon.