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Saturday, September 28, 2013


I am not an alarmist. I am not even sure anyone has heard about any of this. BUT, there are a few possible strikes in the works.

One is grocery stores, the other is trucking.

Now one or the other isn't such a bad thing if you have food storage, and if you have full tanks of gas plus extra... BUT if you don't..

I am not sure the entire story at the moment. All I know is that several trucking companies are planning on striking or not coming to work for several days. I also know that on the news they were talking about grocery stores going on strike.

IF both happen at the same time... oh crap! Do you have gas? Do you have food? What about toilet paper? Diapers or formula for your baby (if you use those)? laundry soap?

I am not one to cross a picket line. I will not.

If trucks aren't delivering.. grocery stores only have 3 days of food, if they are not rushed. If rushed they have about 20 minutes of food. No trucks, no gas. How will you get to work?

Just some stuff to think about. I'm not sure any of it will happen. But I know the trucks are planning on not running sometime in October, and since we are now at the end of September, and I am hearing about possible strikes at some stores... looks like things could happen at the same time.

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