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Monday, November 25, 2013

Cheap Heat

The following message from my friend Susan. I thought it might be good info for when the power goes out.

"When Lark set me this simple demonstration of how to heat  a small room for about 15 cents per day, I was hooked. My engineer husband, Fred, was able to explain the rationale to me and we know that the Brits used a similar technique in their homes and apartments during WWII, but they did not have access to tea light candles, all of the same size. I realize that many tea lights are full of lead but in a desperate situation, thy could be used to my benefit. The British government told citizens to never leave their candles unattended.  Years ago the size of the candles were uneven in both height and width and were extremely precious commodities during the war. Enjoy this 3 minute demonstration of how to heat a small room for 15 cents a day:"

I am going to try it. this might take the edge off when the power is out. Any tea light will work, but you can get them in bulk at Ikea. Please remember to put it on a non heat sensitive or flammable surface,

Last year and the year before, the kids had big stones the put by the fireplace to heat up before going to bed. Those stones stayed warm until morning.. totally worth it.


  1. Please don't try this! My brother did this and the vapors ignited. He was lucky to not burn down his entire appt. If you read the comments from the video, there are several reports of the same thing happening. It's VERY dangerous.

  2. Then he must have done something different. You are the only person to say anything about vapors. I saw no reports on the site's comments about vapors igniting. I don't agree with you.
    I will say this. CAUTION: Anyone with lung conditions: smoke from anything can irritate the lungs. Burn at your own risk.
    We have not tried this yet. We still have only warmed stones on the hearth of the fireplace. I don't have any terra cotta pots...