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Sunday, November 18, 2018

CROCK Pot Or INSTANT Pot Challenge Week #3

Well, hello.. um, I've been using my instant pot this week and .. um.. forgot to post !!  WOOPS!
November 16th I went grocery shopping, and I was able to get more eggs, hurrah, as we are out. 
BUT when I got home I immediately put 18 into my 6qt instant pot in a collander, added 1 cup cold water, and place the lid and steamed them for 3 minutes, then natural release for 10 minutes. Then plunged them into  ice water to stop the cooking, and ate the one that cracked. WHILE the instant pot was working I was able to separate out 6 pounds of ground turkey for future meals.

November 18  Well today we are doing a baked potato bar. BUT I need my oven for the bacon. So I will be using my instant pot to "bake" some russet potatoes. This is so easy, and they taste good.. and the skin stays soft so it is edible.
 Put your open flying saucer into the bottom of inner liner. Add 1 cup of cold water. Place spuds onto the flying saucer. Close lid and steam for 12 to 15 minutes. Let natural release for 10 minutes, sometimes more. Then open and serve.
They were delicious with optional toppings of chili, cheese, chicken, bacon, and ranch. Served with a side salad. DELICIOUS.
Well, in order to have fridge space for Thanksgiving, I think we will be eating leftovers for a few days. But I will be making potatoes in the instant pot for Thanksgiving, rolls, and a ham. We do it potluck style here so the kids each make something to add, and we are having family coming from out of town, and they will be adding to it too.

November  21, Deviled eggs.. One of my favorite things for Thanksgiving sides! Of course I cooked all 39 eggs in my 8-qt Instant Pot Lux. I really do love my instant pots! This is the last day of week 3. What did I do? I steamed up 39 eggs for the deviled eggs.
Mary's Deviled Eggs
24 hard boiled eggs, completely cold
1 tsp salt
2 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp ground black pepper
sweet or dill relish or pickle juice, cold
12 TBS (3/4 cup) mayo, cold

Cut eggs in half lenghtwise, and place yolks into bowl, and whites on plates. Mash up yolks, then add other ingredients. Pickle amounts and type depend on your taste. Whip until smooth or blended. Put into whites of eggs; sprinkle or garnish with paprika. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.
Makes 48 halves

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