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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


There are so many milks to choose from now. It is wonderful! Back when my brother was a baby he couldn't have milk. But the only milk alternative was Mocha Mix (YUCK!). He always had a yucky runny nose. He also couldn't have eggs, although he loved them. When DD#2 was born, she broke out with horrible eczema all over her face and ears. My midwife had me take milk and wheat out of my diet for a month. It cleared up. She then said I could try either milk or wheat, but not both, at one meal and see how she did.  I tried a piece of toast.

She did not do well! The rash came back with in 6 hours, and it was worse than ever. I had to wait another 30 days to try milk. When I did, she broke out again. She was a year old when I could finally have some dairy. She stopped nursing just before she turned two, because her sister was born and she said it was the baby's milk. So DD#2 got rice milk.. ugh.. not my favorite, but she loved it.

DD#2 would throw up if she got dairy, and break out in eczema. Poor thing. She would do ok with a single piece of cheese for the week. Or a single scoop of icecream, but more than that and she would get dark circles under her eyes, then throw up violently.

Fast forward 12 years, and wow so many dairy free options! and of those most are soy FREE!!!  Woo hoo!  yes there is Rice Dream rice milk but there is also: Coconut Dream, coconut/almond/chia dream, almond dream, SILK almond milk, Almond Breeze, Oat milk, Hemp milk, .. wow!!

Current baby is just like DD#2 and can not have dairy.  He also, it looks like, will be going gluten free.. Poor guy. He still prefers breastmilk, and if he sees it is milk of any kind in the glass with the straw, then he pushes it away. He wants water..

What's your favorite dairy free milk?

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