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Thursday, August 5, 2010


More interest than I thought.  And since we don't know when we will be able to go out of town due to work, I am going to do the peaches. The price is excellent, and the peaches are really good.   NO LIMIT!!!  Call friends, neighbors and relatives and see if they would like some too. I am driving all the way to Monroe to pick up from my supplier, and so I'd like to  make it worth the trip :) Sorry about all the confusion. 

Peach pick up, Aug 13 .  It is a lot of work to put these orders together and drive to get the food. I love providing this service for all of you, but it is time consuming. I am going to ask a $0.25 gas charge per person's order. Just to help a little with my expense. I hope you all understand.
I’ve attached an Excel sheet for the varieties of peaches available for order. Each box, regardless of variety is $12 each for 25#. The big peach pickup is scheduled for Fri, Aug 13 about 2:00 pm.
 I realize this email offer is long. Most of the questions people ask are usually answered if they will read through the email carefully.
We are pleased to offer 3 varieties of  early canning peaches from Mott Liek of East Wenatcheee.  Mott has been an orchardist for 30+ years. He supplies a busy fruit stands in Monroe as well as other stands throughout Puget Sound.  
 These peaches are not organic. When the peach seed is the size of your thumbnail, Mott sprays the seed to prevent disease. He sprays once more but not heavily on the skin about 30 days prior to harvest.  This is why we say they are  “lightly sprayed” to ensure no bug damage. Since we recommend these as delicious canning peaches, you will be peeling off the skin when you preserve them.
 Peach Pick up:  Friday, August 13, 2010 about 2
DEADLINE TO ORDER AND PAY:  ASAP. All orders for peaches are due to Lisa Kenyon ASAP SATURDAY AUG 7TH AT THE LATEST!! 
The peaches will not be ready to can on the day of pickup. They will need 3-5 days to ripen properly for easy canning.
 COST:  Our bulk buy price on Red Globe, Rosa and Early Elberta peaches is $12.00 per 25# box. The cost of boxes, labor, fuel, fertilizer have all gone up. This is a very good price this year for quality peaches
 You may invite other family members and friends TO ORDER WITH YOU when you place your order. We have plenty of peaches—over 14,000# so quantity is not the problem.
Here's the information from the grower and his wife:
All the varieties we are ordering are free stone also known as “cling-free.”

        'RED GLOBE...Freestone...  is a cross between a Red Haven and an Elberta.  A great canner and slicer... Does not turn brown when sliced and left on table. It’s my personal favorite... not the sweetest peach but real peach flavor. Use a very light syrup.  Available Aug 1-25    Our #1 seller

        ROSA...Freestone... is the sweetest peach we have.. my wife's favorite.. great for slicing or canning.. Use a very light syrup.  In a jar I cannot tell the difference between the Rosa and Red Globe..  Available  Aug 1-20    Our #2 seller

        EARLY ELBERTA...Freestone... just an earlier version of an Elberta.  A good canner and slicer.  Use a very light syrup to preserve the delicate peach flavor.  '

CANNING INFORMATION: NOTE:  The USDA has specified that peaches must be water bathed or steam canned for a full 30 minutes per quart (or 25 minutes per pint) in simmering water to be safe for home bottling without risk of contamination.
HOW TO ORDER—SPECIFIC FORMAT: Send your email order to Lisa Kenyon in the following format:





YOUR ORDER: # of boxes of which varieties 
Lisa Kenyon
(425)-392-1390 home
2 ROSA + 1 Red Globe

 At Lisa Kenyon's home about 1:30 TO 2pm. PLEASE be on time to pick up.  
AGAIN, the fruit will NOT be ready to can on the day of pickup. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to ripen fruit for canning.
Thank you!!

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