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Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of summer coming soon!

You may have noticed that the temperatures aren't high, and it isn't staying light as long in the evenings.  I am rather bummed about this. I really do love the summer time. So many fun adventures to have. So much to get done. Anyway, I have been busy with canning, drying and children.. of course.. LOL

Today I went to DK market, winco and Foley's.

DK Market:

bartlet pears $0.49/#
apples $0.59/# to $0.89/#
peaches and nectarines were under a dollar a pound, sorry I didn't really notice as I wasn't looking for those.

apples from $0.99/# and up
walla walla sweets 5#/ $3.98
rolled oats and quick oats $10.70/25# bag
pinto beans $15.35/ 25 # bag

gravenstein apples $9.95/ 20# box
golden apples in 20# boxes, I forget the price
canning tomatoes too!

Just a heads up.. good luck finding roma's for canning, they have had a terrible season.

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