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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Strawberries and bulk canning lids!

I have it!! The list of bulk orders for the year :) Right now we have berries, but this one was short short notice! IF YOU'D LIKE TO ORDER, EMAIL ME!!!!

Unsweetened Strawberries in Juice

STRAWBERRIES: These are fresh strawberries from Mike and Jean’s Berry Farm in Mt. Vernon. They are cut up, packed in their own juice, and then packed in food grade buckets. These are NOT ORGANIC berries.

These berries are ready to make jam (both cooked and freezer types), to freeze in quart bags for smoothies or desserts, or to eat fresh out of the buckets. These are not individually frozen berries. These berries ARE IN THEIR OWN JUICE (note our emphasis since we get so many questions about this).

Order WITH money NO LATER THAN Saturday, June 19th !!!

15 lbs. $21.00 and ( a 2-gallon bucket size)
30 lbs. $37.50. (a 5-gallon bucket size)

These prices include the cost of paying the Berry Farm to transport our order in licensed trucks with staff.

You must PRE-PAY for the berries.

Order Confirmation: Lisa will confirm your order by return email. Every few days I will send an email notifying you when she receives your check.

----------------ORDER FORM FORMAT------------------------- (may cut and paste; print to paper and mail with your check or money order)

Your Name:_____________________________________

Name on your Check (if different than the name above)_________________________________

Check # ________________________ If Money Order, check here: ______________

Email address:

Telephone number where we can reach you reliably: ___________________


__________Strawberries 15# bucket at $21 each ______________

__________Strawberries 30# bucket at $37.50 each ______________

TOTAL ENCLOSED: ____________________

ORDER PICK UP JULY 1st !! Around 3pm at the Kenyon's.

Generic Bulk Canning Lids: We have been ordering and testing these bulk regular and wide canning lids for the past 2 years and are VERY happy with their quality. All canning lids available on the open market contain BPA (Bisphenol A) but these are coated a bit more lightly than the white enameled lids sold in the stores. They contain NO WRITING so you have a wide space to paste on your own funky labels for gift-giving.

They are packaged in long sleeves of brown paper (think of how Ritz crackers are packed in sleeves) and this is the price:

288 WIDE lids in one sleeve are $36.95 (this is 24 dozen)

345 REGULAR Lids in one sleeve are $35.95 (this is 28 ½ dozen)

Shipping is extra: Ordering two of these sleeves at one time will cost you about $12. thru the post office. With shipping last year, it worked out to an average of $1.65 per dozen lids. Pretty wonderful!

ORDERS: Gather your friends and family and order directly thru

Dutchman’s Store, 103 Division Street, Cantril, IA 52542-1024. Their phone number is (319)-397-2322. They accept debit and credit cards and ship promptly.

If you only want a few dozen, order thru Lisa Kenyon

You will pay your portion of the shipping when you pick up the lids from Lisa in Issaquah. I email everyone who ordered when the lids arrive and arrange a one-time pick up at my home in Issaquah.

Email your order for lids drop your check off to Lisa, or mail it to her. You will pay your share of the shipping when you pick up your lids. Deadline to order thru Lisa for lids is Saturday, June 19th (same deadline for strawberries in juice)

Email Format for the Canning Lids (example):

NAME: Susan Smith

PHONE: 425-123-1234

Geographic Area: Lynnwood

3 doz Wide
2 doz Regular

Canning Jars for the 2010 Season:

Check with relatives and neighbors who no longer can. Get as many jars donated for your use as possible. Check the prices at WINCO since it’s employee-owned and support the Washington economy because a large percentage of their money stays here in Washington.

Wal-Mart has excellent prices this year, cheaper than last year. However, it’s a giant conglomerate and has been cited for questionable policies as to health care benefits and hiring illegal aliens without documentation. This being said, here are there prices per a phone call:

One quart (regular mouth) are $ 8.82 dozen

One quart (wide mouth) are $10.00 dozen

12 oz jelly jars are $8.12 per dozen

1 pint (regular mouth) are $7.70 dozen

1 pint (wide mouth) are $8.76 dozen

How many lids and jars should I plan to keep on hand?

Guideline: If you had to pressure can and preserve everything in your freezer and garden for the entire season, how many jars would it take to save what you have on hand and have grown? It takes 2 ½ pounds of beef stew chunks per quart jar and 4 whole chickens make approximately 13-15 pints of boneless chicken and 8 quarts of light chicken broth. A five-pound bag of frozen berries will make at least 2 batches (sometimes 3) of jam if you use sugar or honey. If we had a major power outage you would probably lose most of your frozen vegetables.

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