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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sales 4.14 - 4.20

Short list this time, and I bet you are all surprised I am doing it!! Well, I saw a couple of good deals so thought I would share. Please learn to use coupons. I am!!  Still not as well as I like, but way more than I used to! 

Fryer Drums $0.88/#
Quaker sale with card and coupon select varieties $1.00 EACH must buy 5
Cantelope $0.58/#

Foley's Produce
large avocado's $0.99 EACH
strawberries $0.79/#
lemons 2/$1.00
limes 3/$1.00
and more!!  Love this place!

Fred Meyer
BOGO Colgate Toothpaste with card and coupon

Red Apple (front street market)
Dulcinea's Pureheart or Cantelope Melons 2/$5.00
Dole Premium Extra Large Gold Pineapples $2.99 EACH
Kraft Mac & Cheese $0.69 each (small box)
Country Grain Bread $0.99 each LIMIT 2
FRESH All-Natural Whole Fryers twin pack $0.69/#  LIMIT 2
BEEF Tenderloin, boneless whole in the bag, $3.99/#
BEEF Bottom Round Roasts, boneless, $1.99/#
All Natural Country Style Pork Ribs, bone-IN, value-pack $1.49/#
Lean Ground Beef 80%    $1.99/#
Wright's Ends and Pieces Bacon, 3-pound pkg.  $0.99/#  = $2.97 each!
Extra Large Shrimp $3.99/#

Draper Valley natural WHOLE Fryers $0.77/#  LIMIT 3
Select Kellogg's cereals $1.77 each

Foster Farms Whole Chickens $0.79/#  LIMIT 3 (birds)
Haas Avocados $0.69 each
Pork Shoulder Blade Roast or Country style ribs $1.29/#

Ragu pasta sauce, select varieties, $0.99 EACH !!!!!

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