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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Menu 4.12 - 4.18

I was going to start putting my menues on here for the week, but totally got sidetracked.  OOPS.. Guess life happens. So here is our menu plan for this week. And it is nothing special. We are having a lot of avocado this week as I found it for an awesome price. Also salads. I love salad. I could be very happy with soup and salad 3 nights a week and beans 4 nights a week. Or combine that and have a bean soup with salad night.. hmm.. I'm hungry. So here it is!

Monday: cream of onion soup (recipe in BH&G cookbook) and salad
Tuesday: Spaghetti with beef kielbasa and 2 sauces: marinara and alfredo; salad ; strawberries and poundcake
Wednesday: Wings with 3 different sauce choices: hot, teriyaki & orange; baked spuds; watermelon
Thursday: LEFTOVERS, cleanout the fridge; salad... um so we are having spaghetti,  browned spuds, green salad with avocados and cucumbers and carrot sticks  and a fruit salad
Friday: Hot dogs and fruit or whatever the kids make.. I won't be here
Saturday: Soft tacos : chicken or beef (haven't decided yet) taco meat, homemade refried beans, homemade WW tortillas and all the toppings.
Sunday: Butternut squash soup, WW rolls, salad and mud

See, not so special. We love squash soups.. or any soup really. I have made soup out of things Russ didn't know you could make soup out of. AND he is learning, so now he can throw a pretty darn good soup together now.
What about roasts?  NOPE, I just don't care for the hassle. We don't eat that much meat. I will do a pork roast occasionally, but I have to find the meat for a great price, and I cook it in the smoker. We eat a lot of chicken here. Why?? CHEAP.. I would love, LOVE to have cod daily, but that is really expensive yummy protein.
Sometimes I menu plan around what is fresh at the markets.. but not often. Or I will change a menu because I got meat at a good price and I don't have to thaw it. I do not like to have to wait for meat to thaw, one reason I can a lot of meat.

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