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Friday, March 29, 2013

Tummy aches

It has not been something I have shared. But here goes.

I have tummy aches, pains, sharp pains.. Pains that send me to the ER to have them tell me, we can't find anything, but would you like some pain meds (even though you are pregnant!)!  AAARRRGGGHHHH

The article on CELIACS is fantastic and tells you about how being celiac or even just gluten intolerant can cause problems from head to toe! Including depression, ADD/ADHD, headaches, vitamin deficiencies and more.

It wasn't until I started going gluten free again that the pains lessened. But then with cravings, yup, I started eating gluten again.. ugh.. OUCH.. In my search for help with my and Peaches tummy aches and other health issues we came across an article that sounded like it was written about us! I will share it at the end. BUT, as many of you know I grind all my own grains. Soft wheat, oat groats, buckwheat (which is NOT related to wheat), hard wheat, triticale, kamut, lentils, rice... millet, quinoa.. I can't remember them all. 

I also sprout alot of them too, then dry them in my dehydrator on low heat (about 85 degrees), then grind them. Sprouting changes the proteins, enzymes and vitamins and minerals in your grains. It also makes the grains much easier to digest.. BUT, it wasn't helping Peaches or me.  Now I know why.

The wheat of Jesus' time only had 10 to 12 gluten strains in it. The wheat of today, that has been bred for shorter height, higher yields, and faster growth, not to mention the GMO stuff from Monsanto has over 100 strains of gluten in it, AND scientists don't really know how are bodies are reacting to these new glutens!
Well for us, we aren't reacting well to them. There is Einkorn, and Jovial wheat, which is like the stuff Jesus had.. but I have alot of kids, and I make a lot of bread... At $6 to $18 per POUND, I just can't afford it.. So what to do??

No bread. Well, not with wheat or gluten in it. We have discovered the GF diet (gluten free). Actually I prefer it. I lost 30 pounds on it!!  And it was weight I could afford to lose!  Peaches, has not gained or lost weight. BUT she can bend her fingers now! HUGE bonus. But, we prefer to stay away from GF breads because they usually contain corn or soy to replace the wheat. We make our own, but the FRANZ bakery also make some in a GF certified plant. They have one bread that tastes like a Poulsbo bread and it has quinoa and millet in it, my favorite.. They also have a white bread that is made with rice (great for eggs and toast). But we have discovered a quick bread to make for when we are having soup, or really want a bread sandwich. I will try to post more GF recipes on here, especially tried and trues!!

People think it is sooo hard to be GF, and when you are just starting it is, but you have to focus on what you CAN eat, not what you may not.
Lettuce wrapped burgers (love the crunch!! and it is soooo much lighter and you feel better after eating it)
chicken salad in romaine lettuce (rolled up, like a wrap)
buckwheat pancakes or waffles
GF certified oatmeal (usually ok for celiacs too)

If you think about it, eating GF is better for you. Highly processed grains (white flour) is really hard on your adrenal glands, pancreas, liver, GI tract, and brain. It is usually rancid before you buy it, and causes malabsorbtion in most!  Ever wonder why you are hungrier after a sandwich or piece of toast?? Because white flour makes you hungry.

Don't even get me started on the evils of corn syrup, splenda, white and brown sugars... That is another posting..

Anyway, I will try to post GF recipes that are tried and true this coming week.. if I remember. BUT here is an excellent article written by a nurse that explains many of my and Peach's symptoms.. and why we are GF now. Most likely Princess will be GF soon as well.


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