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Friday, October 5, 2012

Crock Pot Challenge October 2012

OH My goodness it's October already!!!  Yikes, well it's time to do the challenge.  So this being week #1, I kind of failed. All I made was chicken with homemade cream of chicken soup; mud;  and chicken soup.  But the week isn't over yet!!  I still have 2 more days! So I will update each week. The recipe for cream of chicken soup comes from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook in the soup section. I made cream of chicken soup, minus the chicken, using homemade chicken stock. I added paprika to it too.. I loave paprika. The mud recipe is already on here, under chocolate, and I think the chicken soup is also on here. Sorry no pictures today, hopefully I will remember tomorrow.

Now I need to menu plan so that we can have a successful Crock Pot Challenge.  (OH and I consider the Saratoga Jack Thermal Cooker a type of crock pot, and so I hope to differentiate when I use the Jack). 

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  1. Sorry I have not updated. I have had some health issues that reared their ugly head and have been in bed when not at work. Dinners?? I have no idea what anyone has been eating, but I know the crock pot was not used.