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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tools, candles, and???

Some things come to mind as we enter the cold season. Do you have a light source? Hammer? Axe? Hatchet? Saw? Screw driver? Wrench? Allen wrenches? Wire cutters? Nails? Screws?

IF not, you may want to invest now while you can! All of these basic tools are much needed during a natural disaster! Well, that axe, hatchet, machete, or knife might need some sharpening. Do you have a sharpening stone? With tools you can make all sorts of stuff make do.. You know the saying right?  Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.  That said, can you do it? Yes you can!

Light source?
Well there are candles and aladdin lamps. You will need matches for both, but for aladdin lamps, do you have extra wicks? extra oil? You may want to stock up. How about extra wicks for candles so when you get to the bottom of your favorite candle you can melt the leftover wax and make a new candle.

What happens when a tree limp, branch, or the whole tree comes through a window or your roof? Do yo have a tarp or tarps to  help cover the hole? Tarps make for good emergency shelters!
BUT, do you have rope to tie the tarps up? Yes I am serious. We went camping for a family reunion a few years ago, it was fun. But the last day, the heavens opened up and we were drenched!!  Brother T just happened to have a HUGE GIANT tarp and rope and was able to put up a shelter for everyone to be under for the last meal, and to keep kids dry while we packed up camps (something like 5 or 6 tents plus mess tents). Sure the ranger came by and said it was against the rules, but we told them we'd take it down when we left in an hour or so.

If the power goes out, what is your heat and cooking source? How long will it last? Will you need help? Do you have a supply of medications you might need?

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